The 'kua' number is derived from the Eight Mansions formula according to the year of birth and gender. It is used to indicate auspicious directions, best colors and gemstones. For each year, a certain kua number is allocated and basically it is divided into the East and West Group. Those people with the kua number of 1, 9, 3 and 4 are considered as East Group whilst those with kua number of 5, 2, 6, 7 and 8 are considered as West Group. So the relevant advice concerning the auspicious directions, colors and gemstones are fixed according to the group.

Using BaZi, the best directions, colors and gemstones for an individual are based on the interpretation of the state of his self-element. In addition, the text of the I-Ching or the Book of Changes is used to derive a personalized feng shui advice which harmonize with the state of his self-element. The concept of harmonizing and adhering to the principles of yin and yang and also by using the destructive and constructive cycles in the context of the principles of the 5 basic elements form the theory of BaZi. This core concept is central to this Chinese metaphysics subject and view of the universe and nature.

Both advice give are relevant but you should recognise that the advice based on the kua number is a rather generalized one. The feng shui advice given by a BaZi reading is a very personalized one that is based on one's birth data and place of birth, both of which are very crucial for the complex computation before deriving the relevant personalized advice.

The relevance of the advice given can be assessed by analysing the varying states of one's past Luck Pillars, particularly the auspicious ones classified as excellent or good. With this guideline, one's experience with auspicious encounters will serve as a good indication of the relevance of the advice.

BaZi uses the solar system for the construction of the 4 Pillars of Destiny and basicallydivides the day into twelve 2 hourly periods. For many localities in the world, the local time has been changed many times due to political, administrative or even economic reasons.

Although time adjustments worldwide is a rather complex subject, we feel it is necessary to take it into consideration in order to come up with an accurate BaZi reading. We have conducted detailed research on this subject and incorporated time adjustments, if any, into our program. For marginal cases, it is therefore possible that our BaZi reading will show a different hour pillar from other websites or BaZi masters. But we feel that this reflects our commitment to accuracy.

Destiny refers to fate that is given to us upon the determination of the time we were born. This is the power believed to control all predetermined events.

Destiny cannot be changed but can be improved. Changing destiny refers to the turning of misfortune into good luck which is impossible. It is just like attempting to resist the universal order. Improving our destiny means we can improve our gains during a period of good luck and reduce our losses during a downward phase in our lifetime.

There are differing methods used by people from the West, the Chinese and Indians from the East. This is normally classified as esoteric sciences like astrology, palmistry, facial reading or BaZi.

This ancient art uses the 5 primordial elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth) to represent one's BaZi. The 4 Pillars comprises of the Year, Month, Day and Hour of the birthdate. Each pillar has a Heavenly Stem and an Earthly Branch component represented by either the Yin or Yang aspect of the 5 elements. BaZi literally means '8 Characters' which refers to the 8 elements in the 4 Pillars.

BaZi has been widely used in China for more than a thousand years. Its accuracy is undisputed. However to apply its theories properly requires the in-depth practical experience of a BaZi master.

The Chinese believe that a person's life is largely determined by destiny, which affects one's success and happiness. However, other factors like luck, feng shui, character and education can also affect one's destiny.

This can be explained that certain people have gone through a good luck phase in their life early whilst others much later. However, there are people who are not so lucky and do not experience such good luck at all as their good luck cycle do not pass through their prime period in life.

The continual changing of elements unconsciously affects our feelings and moods towards our loved ones, thus creating critical moments in our relationship. By understanding such changes, we can exercise self-restraint and mitigate the adverse effects of such elemental influence on our temperament which could otherwise destroy a long-term relationship.

Destiny can be improved but not changed. Through freewill we can to a certain extent improve our destiny like :

  • Making use of the pattern of our luck cycle.
  • Improving on the feng shui of our home/office that harmonizes with the environment or surrounding.
  • Building up of our virtues, philanthropic attitudes and other positive traits.
  • Through proper education like academic achievements, vocational training, continuous updating by acquiring general knowledge and current events. This is very important to us as we are living in a dynamic world where events and changes of demand of goods and services can affect our profession, politics and business directly or indirectly.

BaZi can assist us in :

  • Choosing the right or relevant career which one can perform better.
  • Timing of an investment or venture.
  • Choosing the right partner in business or marriage.
  • Enhance our personal feng shui like sitting or facing the correct directions, wearing of the right colors, ornaments and interior design to enhance our health and harmony.
  • Predict misfortunes and take positive action to neutralize them.
  • Discovering your child's hidden talents so that you can guide him/her to pursue a course which he/she can excel in.
  • Selecting an auspicious date based on your favorable elements for marriage, shifting of home or opening ceremony for your business.
  • Selecting an auspicious birth date for those women who want to have their baby born through caesarean.

According to BaZi principles, the date and time of birth of a person basically establishes his character. Given that you know your date of birth, It is possible then to derive the time with a reasonable degree of accuracy from the characterics of a person. Please click Deriving your Time of Birth to do so. You can then use this derived time for your BaZi reading.

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