Every year, as we approach the end of the year, we tend to see a barrage of annual diaries and calendars flooding the market in anticipation of the New Year. Annual Diaries especially are pushed to the forefront in bookstores and round up the list of company stationery that needs to be printed. In fact, most annual diaries in the market nowadays are Personal Organizers which form the basic must-have for any self respecting working individual. Many companies or large corporations spend a tidy fortune to print their own complimentary Annual Diary which carries information on the company prominently printed in the first few pages. Company diaries are now a standard issue with many organizations as customers, partners, clientele or staff have come to expect a copy at the dawn of the new year.

These Annual Diaries are essentially generic items which differ only in their overall look and feel, but more often than not contain standardized information such as a calendar for the year, a page for recording personal particulars and contact numbers while also making allowance for personal planning pages. In view of the fact that these diaries are used by numerous individuals, why not consider customizing these items so as to make it more personal?

We at Authentic Destiny have received tremendous response and positive testimonies on the accuracy of our online Premium Report, which provides a comprehensive insight into the important aspects of your life covering personality, love, career and relationships with loved ones or even feng shui. Many of our loyal clients have reverted to us requesting an 'online personalized daily luck report' to assist them in better planning, setting appointments and making judgment-decisions on a daily basis.

In response to these requests, BaZi Master Richard Tan started formulating certain ideas and concepts to cater to this niche market, especially those seeking online personalized information.He also conducted extensive research on this matter before putting it together in the form of a personalized annual diary which uses one's birth data for diagnosing and forecasting personalized information on a daily basis. In order to supplement the normal contents of an annual diary, such as a yearly calendar, we introduce and incorporate certain important personalized information into the calendar - something very unique to this online service.

Sample Page from Platinum Report

Our online Personalized Annual Diary (Platinum Report) is based on one's personal birth data and place of birth, revealing not only one's destiny in relation to personality, romance and career, but also on the pattern of one’s daily luck. Our forecast is based on the ruling elemental influence on each day, being moderated by the luck pillar, year and monthly luck.

For easy comprehension, the daily luck indices are categorized into one of the five categories, namely excellent, good, mixed, poor or caution.

Legend for the moderated daily luck

Our Online Personalized Annual Daily is based on the Chinese metaphysic system called BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny. This system is very unique as it categorizes human beings into 12.96 million individuals and states that it takes 240 years for an identical destiny to be repeated. It is based on the solar system and each year, month, day and hour are represented by two of the 5 basic elements, one for the heavenly stem and one for the earthly branch. The state of one's luck is affected by the elemental influence for the period concerned. It differs from the Chinese Almanac or Tung Shu commonly used by the Chinese which only provides generalized advice for the day. Our Online Personalized Annual Daily (Platinum Report) contains important dates where one could experience a windfall, romance/dating and also dates where one has to be extra cautious. All these extra information is very personalized and can be referred to frequently as a guide in our daily endeavors. More importantly, what’s amazing is its near perfect accuracy.

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