The upcoming 2006 FIFA World Cup starting on June 9 unleashes a sense of euphoria and excitement rarely witnessed by any other global event. For football fans around the world, this event which comes once every four years; is worth every second of the wait. Millions of employees are expected to watch most of the matches throughout the tournament. In fact, studies have shown that work place productivity does experience a significant drop during this month-long event.

This is also a time when instant football pundits and experts emerge out of the woodwork to give you the breakdown on how each nation and its players will fare based on recent form, performance and a multitude of relevant statistics. This naturally gives rise to increased betting activities amongst friends, colleagues, etc. Some offices even have daily betting pools. But this just adds to the general allure as long as it is all in the name of fun.

However, for the big-time betters or high-rollers, both legal and illegal bookmakers have been known to accept large bets on each match. In most cases, one would place “informed” bets on his favorite team, notwithstanding the odds offered up for a particular game or occurrence, based on the common sense. However, there are many punters out there who are known to be illogical when betting, bringing about heavy loses. This has its own negative domino effect within the workplace, the home and within one’s general sense of well being.

A word of caution: One should always avoid placing bets or gambling at the wrong time. Three golden rules must be adhered to in order for one to capitalize on the right timing when conducting gambling or betting activities.

  1. Firstly, one must only allocate a certain (or fixed) amount of spare cash for such activities. And strictly no resorting to borrowing money to compensate for the loss of the original amount.
  2. Secondly, one must strictly bet on designated dates and times.
  3. Lastly, one must also know when to stop and cut losses upon sensing that the recommended date and time is not effective. It is important to understand that we do not know the comparative strength and prevailing luck of the other players, teams, bankers or bookmakers.

Using your personalized BaZi, we can help you determine your best and worst times for indulging in gambling or speculative activities. To find out more about BaZi, please click Applying BaZi and view content on the following :

Investing and speculating at the right time using your personalized luck guide

Most people invest or indulge in speculative activities after taking into consideration the risk attributable to their investments or speculative activities. However, a very crucial element is the need to consider the state of their luck pillars at the point in time.

Allow me to give a quick guide into the various types of short-term investments or speculative activities in the stock market.

Investment in equity stock

Blue Chips - are those stocks with low beta and the price volatility is less drastic and the rate of returns on capital invested are more certain but lower compared with Second or Third Liner Stocks having much higher beta. Such stocks are consistent with its dividends payouts and the volatility of its market prices are restricted. The chances of making decent returns are much higher, though with a lower return yield, particularly on its capital appreciation in the short term. However, the probability of making a return is much higher in the long term and one may eventually derive decent rate of returns.

Second Liner Stocks – are those stocks with higher beta than blue chips but lower than third liner stocks. The price volatility is modest compared with those blue chips or third liner stocks. Such stocks do not have consistent dividend payouts compared to blue chip stocks. The chances of making a decent return of investment on such stocks are lower than blue chips but higher than third liners.

Third Liner Stocks – are those stocks with high beta and experiencing high volatility in its price movements, bearing higher risk and higher return in the short term. Therefore, one should be aware that the chances of making a return in capital gain is much higher compare with a blue chip or second liner stock.

The range of price volatility is extremely wide and one can easily lose most of the original investment value in the long term due to its speculative nature. It is classified as a speculation rather than an investment stock, so precise decision making is very critical - either ‘profit take’ or ‘cut loss’ within a specified period in play, according to market sentiments at that point in time. The certainty of making a gain is much lesser but the rate of the return is much higher, if any.

Using Personal Bazi for judgment-decision

BaZi is the most relevant system used by the ethnic Chinese to predict an individual’s destiny and can recommend lucky days with precision for one to try his luck in the game of chances such as speculation, betting and gambling.

This system uses the 5 basic elements to predict a person’s favorable elements. The luck days are represented by this favorable elements and during that particular moment, a person is deemed to be in the best form to conduct his punting, betting and gambling activities smoothly with confidence, alert, vigor and enthusiasm. More importantly, he is likely to encounter good luck compared with normal days.

We have tested this program and obtained satisfactory results on numerous occasions. The developer of this product - Master Richard Tan – first tested his theories on himself, his friends, and acquaintances to gauge the effectiveness of one’s luck in relation to their speculative activities. As a result, Richard has designed, developed and implemented the Gold Report which leverages personalized BaZi to cater for individuals who want a precise forecast by recommending specific dates that they can enjoy better luck. This specific report is very personalized and is highly relevant for fortune seekers, punters and speculators to find out their lucky days before trying their hand on the game of chances, punting and speculative activities.

There are various feedbacks on the findings from valued clients on their experiences and the usefulness of the Gold Report in their speculative activities.

Please feel free to surf to our website and you can obtain an online personalized Gold Report. You may refer to the Gold Sample Report as a reference on the contents, explanation and the dates recommended which are segregated into the types of investments and odds involved in different games of chances.