Information is critical to everything we do. People need information for variety of reasons - be it a particular interest or in the search of knowledge - and appropriate information is critical aspect of judgment or decision-making. We need to digest and assimilate information before our rational mind makes an assessment, evaluation and after considering various options, we will adopt appropriate decision. Information can be classified as general or specific depending on our purpose of obtaining that information and its perceived relevance to us.

However, the most relevant information required is often personalized information. Though most of us are aware of our own personalities and characteristics, most of the times we are unsure of our inner self.

Human Intelligence

In behavioral science, there are many profound theories developed by psychologists on human intelligence. It is broadly segregated into three dimensions, namely, IQ (Intelligent Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and AI (Applied Intelligence).

We often presume that one’s ability and success is largely hinged on one’s IQ. However, empirical evidence suggests that not all people with a high IQ have been or are successful. The other two kinds of ‘intelligence’are also necessary for us to achieve success, has been proven over the centuries.

EQ or the emotional quotient too can contribute to one’s success. It can shape one’s performance via ability to handle situations and relate to others. EQ abilities are classified into five domains such as, knowing, managing, motivating one’s emotion, recognizing and handling relationships. The ability to steer the positive aspects of such emotions will assist us to achieve success in our aims and undertakings with the help of others.

AI or applied intelligence is the most acceptable domain in an age of occupational specialization. Most of us are pursuing and striving to pursue a more marketable career, commanding higher income or greater demand. Since we live in a largely materialistic society, a good income is perceived as able to satisfy our financial needs. It will improve and also provide us the resources to support our loved ones. It motivates us just like the old adage goes, success breed success.

How can human intelligence be assessed and evaluated in a modern society

In our modern society, many tests are tailored to test the human intelligence. The most popular of these tests belong to MENSA, but that is merely designed to test one’s IQ. EQ can be tested by specifically designed questionnaires for assessing the human emotional behavior. AI, instead applies to the testing of a person’s aptitude, skills and competency pertaining to one’s suitability relating to the job or position, based on their business organizations or employers.

Using Destiny Reading for revealing human’s intelligence

In the history of mankind many methods or techniques are developed and practiced over many centuries by each respective community for revealing one’s inner self, call fate or destiny. The most popular ones are western, eastern, Indian or Chinese astrology and are mostly based on the planets or solar system. Each method has its own merits based on certain aspects of its ‘analysis’. What’s quite amazing is that these methods can accurately predict our past and foretell our future with uncanny accuracy especially in revealing our personalities and characteristics.

Using the 4 Pillars of Destiny in Revealing, Assessment and Evaluation

One of the most popular methods used is the Four Pillars of Destiny or BaZi, a Chinese metaphysics. Its accuracy is due to the system’s ability in dissecting each human being into 12.96 million individuals, having similar fates. It takes 240 years to repeat the cycle. Such intricate categorization can predict one’s destiny and forecast one’s future with amazing precision.

BaZi adopts the five basic elements as a representation of one’s destiny in various human aspects. It also forecasts the passage of one’s lifetime in the form of luck cycles by elements, each one for a 5- year period. This Ganzhi System is based on the heavenly and earthly branch and a complete cycle is 60 years. Each year, month, day and hour are also represented by 2 elements, one for the heavenly stem and one for the earthly branch,. Each element correlates and interacts with one another with well-defined rules for interpretation, making it easier for practical application.

According to Chinese metaphysics, the concept of a person’s intelligence can be revealed by his birth data under the Four Pillars of Destiny. The Four Pillars method consists of a personalized chart for revealing one’s characteristics, personalities and other human aspects such as wealth, education, friends, status, intelligence, relationships, etc. The other chart reveals the passage of one’s life, called luck pillars. Such revelations can make an assessment on a human being’s innate intelligence and the pattern of his luck throughout his lifetime.

The luck pillars reveal the pattern of a person’s emotional behavior in the form of elemental influence in relation to the element of his luck pillar called luck. It can critically examine, diagnose, prognoses and correlate the luck cycles as an integral part of the system affecting our emotional behavior. The luck cycle explains the elementary influence reflected by the ruling element. Its theories explain the relationship between the luck pillar, year, month or day on one’s Four Pillars causing an impact and dictating our behavior. Any positive impact is considered good luck, a neutral impact as mixed luck, whilst a negative one is poor luck.

Relationship between one’s luck cycles on his Emotional Quotient

Most of us are unaware there is an elemental influence on our luck cycle that affects our emotional behavior. The varying state of our luck cycle patterns has a direct impact on our emotion, affects our rational mind and quality of our judgment-decision making. Once we can think, feel and rationalize, we are not misled by many whims, fancies, idiosyncrasies, traits, behaviors, perceptions, mindset patterns and attitudes.

We should let our head rule instead of our heart when making a decision or undertaking an action. When we are experiencing a state of confusion, uncertainty or stress, it will affect our feelings, judgment-decision making and performance-output. We should abstain or refrain from making any major decisions at this period since we cannot rationalize well and are incapable of making sound judgment-decision.

Let us look at a few scenarios that scrutinize and visualize the elemental influence of the luck pillars on human emotional behavior affecting our quality of life.

Scenario 1

Jack is employed as an administrative manager working in a factory. He is currently encountering a favorable elemental phase resulting in him experiencing happy mood, feeling contented, inspired and motivated an overall positive attitude. In the process he is tapping the positive chi or energies and changing the way he thinks, believes, feels and behaves positively. Under this situation it can produce results and like anybody he looks forward to improve harmony, peace, respect, performance and output. A continuous improvement in performance and harmony is the by-product of his fulfillment.

Under this scenario, whatever his innate qualities and acquired skill, knowledge or skill is gainfully applied in the course of executing his duties and managing others. This is reflected in his stable or superior performance, helping him to build up his career and achieve his aspiration. He is motivated to strive harder and aim to achieve greater success and happiness. In order to push him to greater heights, he also incorporates other positive attributes in achieving his ambition.

Scenario 2

John also works as an administrative manager in another company. However, he is currently encountering an unfavorable elemental phase affecting his EQ. His ability to management his thoughts, perceptions, behaviors and feelings deteriorate. As a result he under perform due to the negative influence on his EQ. He experiences negative feelings such as guilt, pain, stress, doubt or fear. Under this situation these negative behaviors can affect his work and results drastically. It will affect his emotion negatively resulting in negative outcomes. Then stress will overpower his rational state of mind. Such outcomes makes his performance suffers and a chain of negative reactions follow.

Once his performance suffers his career stagnates and a possible promotion is deferred. He can be relieved of his duties for his under performance. Since he manages the department, his negative emotional behavior affects his colleagues and teammates. His social interaction or inter-personal skill deteriorates, causing a communication breakdown, resulting in duties not being efficiently executed. His department’s overall performance suffers, and as the head of the department he is also responsible for ensuring the duties being carried out efficiently by his subordinates. Based on this, he will also be affected financially, while feeling dejected and, stressed out. This may even affects his relationship with his loved ones.

Advice on adopting the right approach and attitude to handle the situations

Good Luck Scenario

A word of caution, however, one should not abuse a series of good luck. Remember that, good luck will not last forever. All good or bad things come and go. One should capitalize such a good spell, value it and save more money during this lucky phase to be prepared for rainy days. The positive results will motivate us to strive further, boosting our career upwards or creating better job opportunities. Incidentally, we can acquire more experience, learn new skills and accept new responsibilities, thus putting us in a more marketable position as well as to receive better job offers.

Poor Luck Scenario

Upon encountering poor luck, we should sit down and ponder our strategy. Critically examine and adopt a holistic or realistic approach to analyze our failures. We should readily accept and learn from our past failures or mistakes and avoid creating a vicious cycle. Instead we should adopt or cultivate a positive attitude to manage our thoughts, perceptions, behaviors and feelings. With good EI, we can enhance our decision-making and help us to think more clearly, communicate more honestly and act more authentically.

If we do not take remedial action it will escalate, resulting into a vicious cycle. It can snowball into self-destruction, affecting us badly, both physically and mentally. The consequences can leave a permanent scar and we may not be able to recover completely. The best approach is adopting a positive attitude and accepting it as part and parcel of life. All of us have at some point in time experienced downward cycles. Life is a combination of good and bad experiences and we must take remedial action, otherwise it can traumatize us.

Adopting a positive attitude and managing our EI can minimize the damage inflicted. Once this bad spell has passed, we can regain our loss ground and if recovery can be accelerated, we, can look towards a good phase.


We need to anticipate in advance the patterns of our luck cycles as a useful guide for us to take a proactive stance, learning how to manage our thoughts, perceptions, behaviors and feelings. Upon obtaining accurate and reliable personalized information that serves as a roadmap to our life, we are better able to adopt the right approach or react positively in any situations. The question is how reliable is the forecast on our personalized luck patterns. Therefore, we must access the right source to provide us the appropriate personalized information. Two main criteria required are, accuracy and appropriateness of the advice for handling varying situations. One should not be too concerned on the price charged but should value its reliability and credibility.

Once the quality of the service of our personalized information is ascertained we must acted on it wisely by employing our EQ. The reliability of the personalized information and its appropriateness serves as a useful guide and platform to make better judgment-decision and take the appropriate actions. Upon acting wisely, based on the quality of our personalized information, it can improve the quality of our life.

Be happy and don’t worry too much. We should make use of the other factors for personal development and improvement, such as feng shui, character development and education. To improve ourselves, we should use the three other factors to improve our quality of life.

You may refer to the chart for details on the relationships between EQ and our luck pillars.

Relationship between EQ and luck pillars