With the Lunar New Year looming on the horizon, it is especially relevant that we take a look at how the 12 animal signs will fare in the coming year. These generalized predictions are based on one’s year of birth in relation to the ruling animal sign of the Chinese Lunar Year. Here, BaZi expert, Master Richard Tan, gives a brief insight on how various people born under the respective animal signs will fare in the upcoming Year of the Earth Rat.

Rat - Accordingly, this is a prosperous year for those born in the year of the rat. There will be advancement or progress in terms of career, unexpected monetary gains or increase in income. The Rat might have minor illness but this is not a cause for concern.

Ox - This is a smooth and progressive year as the Ox is will not experience any major hiccups. Generally, it is a favorable year that encourages any undertakings or endeavors since past problems or obstacles tend to fade away. You may gain recognition and as a result may obtain career promotion and monetary rewards or gains. There will be celebrations for you s a result of such achievements.

Tiger - This is not a lucky year for those born in the year of the tiger. Careers can be in jeopardy and those operating businesses may face cash flow shortage or financial constraints due to problems in debt collections or challenging business environment. However, it is still manageable as long as you can persevere, exercise prudence and diligence to avoid pitfalls and mitigate downturns. Avoid acting on impulse, risky undertakings and new businesses or investments. The best policy is to adopt a conservative approach.

Rabbit - This is considered a good and calm year for the Rabbit. No major changes or upheavals, surprises or problems await you. But you should not be wishful of a fruitful year or obtaining major monetary gains either. Progress and achievements in career or business will be steady. It is a good time to plan for the future as progress is on the way.

Dragon - This is a livelier year for the dragon native whether in romance or career wise. A good year for monetary gains but one bad decision or deal can cause substantial losses. This is a year for relaxation since your overall achievements are satisfactory and there is no major problem confronting you both on the work or family front.

Snake - This is a very eventful year for the snake people, a year endowed with new opportunities and outlook. This is a dramatic and eventful year that will bring both the good and the bad and you should take it in your stride. There will be advancement in career and good business or investment opportunities. There are also opportunities to make up any previous losses and problems can be resolved through goodwill, compromise or mediation. However, you should not commit to any major financial undertakings like lending to friends or borrowing from others.

Horse - This is a difficult year for those born under the horse sign. Problems are associated with relationships particularly in romantic involvements. You should steer clear from confrontations, arguments and disputes especially with those in authority or those concerning legal matters. You may face financial or personal problems with loved ones. You should exercise caution and be more tolerant and would require perseverance to mitigate or avoid problems. Abstain from entering into major financial commitments during this inauspicious year.

Ram - This is an auspicious year for those born under the sign of the Ram. There may be unexpected income derived from other sources like punting, investment or even inheritance. Business and investment opportunities will crop up during the year and you can benefit from these. On the domestic front, life will be calm and peaceful and no major disturbances are expected. In fact, there may be romance and more frequent social activities than before. No major illness is expected.

Monkey - A lucky year for this monkey native. You may receive money and income from unlikely sources and this is an excellent time for career advancement. You are able to raise money through loans for your financial plans or investments. Problems can be easily resolved and your advice and experience are sought after especially by prominent or important people.

Rooster - This is a difficult year for the rooster native. You may be forced to dig into your savings or other people may require financial assistance from you. You may have some family and/or health-related problems. You need to work hard and persevere to resolve these problems by yourself. Those born under the rooster sign are advised to tread cautiously in all endeavours during the year.

Dog - A terrific and auspicious year for the dog native. You can be successful in business or achieve advancement in your career and receive additional income from your investments. Health is good but you may face some problems at home especially with loved ones. You should avoid giving out loans to friends or others during this particular year.

Pig - Uncertainty will prevail for the most part of the year. You are unsettled both at work and at home and may lose out on some good opportunities during this period. You are able to overcome difficulties and problems but you will be burdened with worries and a pessimistic outlook which can adversely affect monetary gains or your progress in your career.

The predictions provided here are rather simplistic. It can be reasonably accurate but should not be used as a guide when making important decisions. For more personalized and accurate predictions for the new year, one needs to analyse one’s date, time and place of birth in accordance with BaZi which can be used to make more accurate, personalized predictions.

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