With the Lunar New Year looming on the horizon, it is especially relevant that we take a look at how the 12 animal signs will fare in the coming year. These generalized predictions are based on one's year of birth in relation to the ruling animal sign of the Chinese Lunar Year. Here, BaZi expert, Master Richard Tan, gives a brief insight on how various people born under the respective animal signs will fare in the upcoming Year of the Earth Ox.

Rat - Accordingly, this is a fairly good year and the gain is modest for those born in the year of the rat. It will be a bright and happy time for you and your family. During the year, you may indirectly benefit from others financially or through some form of recommendation to increase your networking. Career-wise you may face increasing work pressure as there are more responsibilities compared with last year.

Ox - There will be minor difficulties surfacing unexpectedly and this may cause some delay or postponement which will affect your plans. You may find a new life mate and it is an auspicious year for those want to tie the knot. There may be a new member added to the family and you may need to spend more time with your children. For some reasons, you may need to travel or do some entertainment in the course of your work. During the year, you may face some problems but you can manage it quite well.

Tiger - Generally it is a mixed year for the tiger native. There may be some quarrels and misunderstandings due to your unyielding nature and stubborn streak. You may face some frustrations and disappointments to do things your own way as you are hindered by your boss or those in authority. It is time for you to curb your rebellious nature for your own good. By the end of the year, some of your problems will be sorted out if you can contain your temper well.

Rabbit - This is a tough and rough year for the Rabbit native. You may face disappointments, unrewarded efforts, unnecessary travelling and frustrations. You could face some health problems due to your anxiety over this problematic year. You are advised not to take chances and any perceived opportunities can actually bring problems, so it is better to take things at your own stride. It is not the time to change your work or environment.

Dragon - For the Dragon native, it is a fantastic and fortunate year. Though you may encounter some disputes or controversies, these are easily settled and it will not affect you any way since this is a lucky year for you. Career-wise you may progress moderately. Family front can be cordial and there isn't much interference from family members letting you have more time for your career and relaxation.

Snake - This is a moderate year for the snake people. Despite your good intuition and inborn cautiousness, you may make some mistakes and lose some money. During the year, you may face some obstacles and opposition from others concerning your work. You should take things at your own stride and not complicate matters by being stubborn or involved in controversies.

Horse - The horse native will experience a smoother and relatively trouble-free year of the OX. However, you may have to strive harder to achieve what you set to do in your endeavours since you can control your own situation. There are only minor untoward incidents and you may expect some gains in monetary terms. However, on the home and office fronts, you may face problems relating to children, colleagues and subordinates.

Ram - It can be a tiring year for the Ram native, as you are occupied by the demands of friends and family. A year of unnecessary quarrels, disputes and misunderstandings arises from your inability to yield due to your stubborn nature and over sensitiveness. You may face some financial difficulties resulting from overspending or unexpected expenses due to your extravagant and generous nature. It is a hard time to find money as there are limited opportunities and you can only expect small gains.

Monkey - This is a moderate year for the Monkey native. Due to your restricted income, you can only find less enjoyment but you must be careful as it indicates that you may lose some personal belongings. Family front remains smooth and you may require some travelling pertaining to your work or some chronic illness is expected. Your career advancement is stifled and it is not a right time to have high expectations.

Rooster - This is a year for recuperation or recovery for any lost ground. You may recoup your energy and strength with vigour to overcome any adversities with the help of others. Family-wise you may receive some good news and some travelling for leisure is indicated. As you are prompt to injuries, this year you must be careful when handling sharp objects or you may have a minor operation.

Dog - A year of uncertainties for the Dog native. For any impetuous and hasty decisions, you will suffer some unnecessary losses and may have to make some concessions to settle any misunderstanding or dispute. Friends or associates may tend to take offence easily due to misunderstanding of remarks made. You must avoid any controversy or argument as your good intentions may be misinterpreted. Possibly you may need to incur additional expenditures or lose your authority over others.

Pig - It is a good year for those born in the year of the Pig. During the year you have good opportunities of getting new better job offers or start a new business venture. You may be rewarded handsomely for any financial risks undertaken. Any problems or troubles arising during the year can be contained and settled. However, there may be some complications and misunderstandings over love affairs and family matters.

The predictions provided here are rather simplistic. It can be reasonably accurate but should not be used as a guide or taken seriously when making important decisions. For more personalized and accurate predictions for the coming new year, one needs to analyse one's date, time and place of birth in accordance with BaZi which can be used to make more accurate, personalized predictions.

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