With the Lunar New Year looming in the horizon, it is especially relevant that we take a look at how the 12 animal signs will fare in the coming year. These generalized predictions are based on one’s year of birth in relation to the ruling animal sign of the Chinese Lunar Year. Here, BaZi expert, Master Richard Tan, gives a brief insight on how people born under the different animal signs will fare in the coming Year of the Water Dragon.

Rat - This is an excellent year and eventful year for the Rat native. There are plentiful of business prospects and social liaison with new people through various networks, friends and associates. There may be romantic opportunities for you during the year of the Dragon. Career-wise there may be jobs opportunities and promotion. For financial matters you may be going through a smooth period and experience monetary gains. Though you may find achievements in these areas you must be on your guard as new acquaintances or associates may use and take advantage of you to meet their ends.

Ox - Generally a moderate year for the Ox native and you are busy trying to keep up and cope with the changes and unexpected events. In carrying out your plans or endeavours, you should expect some teething problems which can cause some delays and postponements of your achievements. You may have to work extra hard for the year and may also come into new contacts with people who are helpful or influential to assist you in your endeavor.

Tiger - A pretty difficult year for the tiger native. During this year you may make some unwise decisions due to wrong associations or influences that caused you troubles or financial losses. There may be unhappiness during the year as a result of a misunderstanding causing a strained partnership, breakup or separation from loved ones. You find difficulties in adjusting to the changes though it is for your own good.

Rabbit - This is a moderate year for those born in the year of the Rabbit. It is a busy year in your career, social or family front. A mixed year in financial matters and the gains are mediocre though it is relatively easy to make. You should be contented with what you have made as long as the bottom-line ended on the positive side. During the year you may make contact with new influential and powerful friends to strengthen your networking.

Dragon - This is an auspicious year for the energetic, ambitious Dragon native. You may experience a fantastic and progressive year both in financial and career matters. Whatever achievements made during the year are contributed by your past efforts or networking. Being an optimistic, ambitious and energetic person this exciting year will keep you occupied and alert.

Snake - It is considered as one of the most difficult years for the Snake native. There isn’t much gain or progress in your business and career matters. It is unsettling for you in the social front and you must be beware of any malicious gossip or jealous associations and so it is advisable to keep a low profile and be patient. However, there will be improvements particularly in the second half of the year as there may be some good news for you. It is not a good year to indulge in big investments but must hold on until a better period.

Horse - The horse native will experience a mixed year. However, the uncertainties and unresolved problems or affairs will test your patience causing you much worry. You are advised to take care of your health as such unsettled affairs can affect your health due to anxiety. You should not worry too much as the storm will blow over and the damaged done are restricted and not as bad as what you anticipated. You should look at the bright side of life and this is the time to add new friends and strengthen your net workings.

Ram - This is a sober but hectic year for the Ram native. You may make little financial progress and may get a job promotion in the year. You may face numerous obstacles and experience disputes but it can be resolved amicably without much effect on your financial status or reputation. A difficult year to accumulate money but you should ride out any financial woes encountered provided you abstain from any over financial speculations.

Monkey - This is a mixed year for the Monkey native during the year of the Dragon. There will not be much financial progress but you may gain knowledge, acquire new skills or improve your networking. Whatever benefits derived may not be immediate or tangible but it will certainly assist you in future endeavors. During the year you may encounter certain troubles and unsettling personal differences. This will be resolved ultimately but may cause a small dent in your pocket. This is a year for you to acquire new knowledge, new skills or setup a strategy for your endeavors. You are strongly advised not to speculate.

Rooster - A prosperous and exceptional good year for the Rooster native. Success will shine on you and you should take this opportunity to enjoy such bountiful year whether in career, financial or social-wise. However, in the domestic and health front, you may face certain problems causing you frustrations, tensions and tiredness. There may be new family members through birth or marriages.

Dog - This is a difficult year for the Dog native. You may have to strive extra hard to maintain your status quo and fight hard to ward off competition and threat especially in your career, investment or business. Others will take advantage of your weak position and you have to be vigilant all the time. Health-wise may put a toll on you since you are under stress and pressure. This is a period you should lie low and avoid getting into new ventures or new friends as the year is unfavorable to you. However, things may get better in the later part of the year.

Pig - This is a fairly progressive year for the Pig native. You will get support from influential and powerful friends or superior both in your career or business, You will gain recognition and respect from others particularly colleagues, associates and superiors and your networking will flourish. Family life is smooth but there may be some losses in personal belongings and you may experience minor health problems.

The predictions provided here are rather simplistic. It can be reasonably accurate but should not be used as a guide or taken seriously when making important decisions. For more personalized and accurate predictions for the coming new year, one needs to analyze one’s date, time and place of birth in accordance with BaZi which can be used to make more accurate, personalized predictions.

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