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The art of Bazi, an ancient Chinese form of fortune-telling, is now on the internet. KARINA FOO checks out one popular website.

Reproduction of an article on New Straits Times - Life & Times, 8 Sep 2005
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Thinking about buying a lottery ticket today? You may be interested to know that you can actually go online to find out whether you're "predetermined" to win it big!

Authentic Destiny is a website dedicated to Bazi, derived from the ancient Chinese form of fortune-telling. It "tells" you your success rate for the day and even the rest of your life.

Bazi is not another crystal ball or card-reading stunt. According to Adestiny creator and Bazi master, the late Richard Tan, it has been proven to be the most accurate form of fortune-telling.

"There is no intuition, clairvoyance or hypnosis involved. It is a specific system using intricate mathematical data and metaphysic based on the person's gender, date, place and time of birth to analyse predetermined future," he explained.

While many are sceptical about such fortune-telling methods, Adestiny is enjoying growing poularity, receiving about 5,000 hits per day.

"It is easy and fast. Just send in the details and a compilation of Bazi calculations, which shows what the future holds, will appear," he said.

The Bazi master's credibility is very import, he stressed.

"It takes years of practice and analysis before one masters it," he said

Tan, a chartered accountant, has dedicated many years of research and practical skills to fortune-telling and Bazi.

He lived in London for eight years before returning to Kuala Lumpur in 2000, involving himself in property development, commercial and stock-broking industries.

"Tarrot card-reading and palmistry do not tangibly tell the future. Bazi is for people who want a solid, trustworthy and detailed report of their future. There are charts, diagrams and explanations for every illustration and description." Tan said.

Most of the people who use Tan's E-Bazi services are from Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, the United States, Australia and Canada

"As Adestiny is in English, the majority of my clients are English-speaking but I am trying to reach the Chinese market", he said.

The origins of Bazi started over 1,000 years ago in China in the Tang Dynasty but the irony is, as Tan pointed out, it is widely followed by those from the Western countries.

Can Bazi predict natural disasters?

"No, it is something that revolves around the individual as a human being. Natural disasters are in the hands of the divine being.", he said.

Adestiny also details a person's social life and relationships, the best dates for money investments and when to move into a new home or hold special ceremonies.

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