About our Platinum Report

What does it provide you?

The Platinum Report is somewhat like a BaZi Personalized Diary providing you a 365-day daily luck report list with indications of your good times pertaining to matters such as romance and financial luck for better planning and judgment-decision making. It also describes your personality, romance, profession and personalized feng shui.

A Page from the Platinum Report

Flower of Romance days (桃花运)

In the above table, the date May 6, 2015 is a 'Peach Blossom' or 'Flower of Romance' date (桃花运) as derived from one's personalized BaZi (indicated by the heart symbol). During such dates, one can enjoy good personal relationships and can make use these dates for dating, romancing or cultivating good personal relationships with loved ones.

Exceptional Days

The same day also happens to be an exceptional day (indicated by the $ symbol) where one will be fortunate in many aspects pertaining to relationships, health or money luck and may also signify unexpected windfall especially those indulging in games of chances.

Inauspicious Days

Inauspicious days are marked with an exclaimation (!) mark. On such days one will encounter various problems and obstacles least expected. It may be conflicts with loved ones or others, poor health, emotional or financial woes. It's a time when taking extra effort to be cautious, patient and tactful can help to mitigate the problem or situation.

Bar Charts of Moderated Daily Luck

The moderated daily luck for each day of the next 13 months is plotted in bar chart for easy reference.

Personalized Feng Shui

Tables are also given for personalized Feng Shui on :

  • personalized best direction, most lucky number, best color, supplementary colors and gemstones
  • as above but the second best values
  • likely health problems