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Input Particulars
Name Duncan, Male
Birth Date and Time May 18, 1990, 11 p.m.
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, United States

BaZi, also known as the 4 Pillars of Destiny, is one of the systems used by the Chinese to predict an individual's destiny. This system is generally accepted as the most authentic and accurate prediction of an individual's destiny, whereby each of the eight characters is symbolized by one of the dualisms of yin and yang of the five basic elements. This is derived from the reduction of the birth data into the 5 basic elements, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and analyzing the interaction of these elements represented. The 4 Pillars are derived from the Year, Month, Day and Hour and each of these Pillars is represented by 2 elements, one for the Heavenly Stem and one for the Earthly Branch. The accuracy of the prediction depends on how well your destiny is interpreted and diagnosed according to the interrelationship between these elements by the fortune-teller. This system is adopted for the prediction of one's destiny by the Chinese as it is believed that the universe is made up of and represented by these 5 basic elements of which human beings are also part of the universe.

BaZi can also determine an individual's potential, character and ability so that he can unlock his potential and ability in order to achieve success. It also enables him to ascertain the appropriate timing in planning and preparing himself like accumulating and organizing the required resources for the implementation of his project so that the chances of success is much higher. It also assists him to be a more tolerant and understanding person in terms of human relationships, especially when dealing with loved ones.

Five Factors of Success
Factors affecting the Success and Happiness of a Person

However, BaZi has its own limitations as a person's success or failure is not exclusively dependent on destiny alone, although it does have a significant impact. The Chinese believe that the 5 factors that affect the success or failure of a person, ranked in order of importance, are :

  • Destiny - Destiny is determined by the day and time we were born.
  • Luck - This is the pattern of ups and downs one is experiencing during one's lifetime. It is generally accepted that luck plays an important role in our life.
  • Feng Shui - The environment and the surroundings we live in and it refers not only to the physical but also the cosmic aspect of our surroundings which include time and space dimension.
  • Character - This refers to the personal characteristics of a person's character, like honesty, kindness, helpfulness, charitable, hardworking, forgiveness and other positive traits.
  • Education - This not only refers to a person's academic achievements but also include professional training, acquiring technical know-how and other general knowledge like politics, economics, world affairs and other subjects that can assist one's career.

However, besides the 5 factors given above that determine an individual's success or failure in life, other factors such as the country one is residing in and the profession one is pursuing can also influence its outcome. The political and economic situations differ from one country to another at any given point in time. Likewise, the country's and world's current demand for goods and services make certain professions and trades in greater demand, whereby one can be remunerated with better income and profit if one is in the right industry and service sector. Therefore, although two persons are born at the same time but whose professions are not the same, their level of income may be different but the pattern of ups and downs will be the same.

BaZi can assist a person in:

  1. Choosing the correct career for the betterment of it.
  2. Timing of an investment or venture.
  3. Choosing the right partner whether in business or marriage.
  4. Enhancing personal feng shui like siting or facing the correct directions, wearing of the right colors or ornaments, interior design to enhance health and harmony.
  5. Predicting misfortunes and taking positive action to neutralize them.
  6. Discovering your child's hidden talents so that you can guide him/her to do a course which he/she can excel in.
  7. Selecting an auspicious date for marriage, shifting of home or opening ceremony.
  8. Selecting an auspicious birth date for those women who want to have their babies delivered through caesarean.

Destiny cannot be changed but can be improved. Improving one's destiny means one can reduce one's loss during a downward phase and enhance one's gain during a period of good luck but it cannot turn a loss into a profit.

The aim of this prediction is to enable you to have a clearer view of your future but you should not solely depend on it to make decisions as other factors also play a role in achieving your success.

Water ( Yin Water )
Zheng Yin Formation(Main Resource)
Strong (Marginally strong)
  1. Excellent: ..... Fire
  2. Good: .......... Wood
  1. Mixed: ......... Earth
  1. Poor: ........... Water
  2. Caution: ....... Metal
See section on Interpretation of Luck Pillar and Yearly Luck to refer to your Current and Future Luck Pillars in terms of Excellent, Good, Mixed, Poor and Caution.


1Favorable elements are elements which are good for you especially during the period or years when you are experiencing good luck.

2Elements which are bad for you where the unfavourable elements fall into the repective Luck Pillars in both the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch for the period(s) concerned.

Personality and Character

In the first part of your life, you are well behaved, obedient, diligent and ambitious. You find satisfaction in greatness and became grumpy when nobody recognizes how smart you are. Though you have more talent and ability than most people you are socially lazy and do not want to put in extra effort. You are materialistic and love to own beautiful things.

You are outwardly a calm and gentle person but it is hard to know your inner self. An observant, nice and alert person you can adapt very easily in most kind of situations and circumstances. Though you appear to be calm and quiet people can be surprised when you suddenly blow your top or throw a tantrum without even realizing it. Service oriented as you are, you like to contribute to the well being of the human being.

A popular, demonstrative and bold person, you are highly attractive to the opposite sex. Your prolific mind, fine intuition, super active personality makes it difficult for people to keep up with you. You have the ability to recover or recuperate fast when you are down. You can become irresponsible once you find that your work does not give you the satisfaction, fun or reward. You will also have an irrational need for liberty once you fear that your freedom is being curtailed.

You are steadfast, co-operative but sometimes too complacent. Your main priority is vested in your spouse or companion.

Romance and Compatibilities

You are susceptible to love affairs and capable of sacrificing everything for the sake of gaining affection of the people in your life. Public image and consciousness is part of you and holding hand and kissing in public is not normal to you. You get along best with people like Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn born in Tiger/Dog/Ram years.

A dedicated and sensitive person, women are easily attracted to you especially those who are seeking protection. You have lots of girlfriends throughout your life but treat them as companions rather than lovers. Once you fall in love you can idolize her and can remain faithful for a long, long time.

You are attracted to people especially those of the opposite sex and can get along well with them as they possess a lot of your favourable elements. In your case it is people who possess the excess or strong elements like Fire and Wood.

However, there are times you can be attracted to people who may not possess your favourable elements but he/she may be going through a Luck Pillar which are favourable elements of yours. Thus when this Luck Pillar has passed, then there will be a change of attitude or liking, which you have previously encountered. The changing elements will subconsciously affect your mood and feelings towards your loved ones. That explains why we often find that someone suddenly does not appear to be attractive anymore. Likewise, this might also happen to you when somebody who once loved you might find you no longer attractive.

You are likely to encounter romance or "flower of romance" during the Luck Pillar, year, month or even day where the period concerned is represented by the animal signs of Rabbit and Rat.


You will pursue some kind of practical studies in university/college pertaining to the pursuit of your creativity. As a boss you can be very demanding, whilst as an employee, you will be much appreciated by your superiors.

You have interest in the financial field. You are alert and observant and sensitive to the public psychology but you are better off working for others. Sales and marketing are good for you and working in banks, accounting firms, tax office or other financial institutions.

You are likely to adopt or are currently employed in a profession whereby the elements are dominant in your 4 Pillars of Destiny. The elements are Fire and Metal that are represented as follows:-

Energy, cooking, electricity, electronics, trading of stock market, ommodities and futures, restaurants, entertainments and industry that is fire based.
Gold, metalwork, automobiles, jewellery, finance, telecommunications, Metal insurance, internet business, computer, education, mechanical work, servicing and consultancy.

However, you can do better if you can adopt a profession where it is represented by the elements which are favourable to you. Your favourable elements are Fire and Wood . The profession or field representing them are as follows:-

Energy, cooking, electricity, electronics, trading of stock market, commodities and futures, restaurants, entertainments and industry that is fire based.
Paper, textile, fashion, furniture, hairstylists, carpentry and any industry that is wood based like agriculture.

Interpretation of your personal reading extracted from the Master Chart for the 4 Pillars of Destiny. These are the main aspects derived from the Chart in addition to the above readings like Personality/Character, Romance/Compatibilities and Profession.

4.1 Friends/Associates/Colleagues
  1. You are a sociable person and can quite easily accommodate yourself into any group without much effort. Therefore, it is very likely that you will have a quite a number of friends and people have not much difficulty to befriend you. You will enjoy mixing with people either for socializing, charitable activities or for business contacts. May develop a career whereby you can reasonably do quite well in public relations or a career involves associating with human relationships. Jobs like being a public relations officer, supporting actor/actress, singer, politician, counseling, sales person and human resource personnel will make a better career for you. You may take up a business that involves human relationship.
  2. Your benefactor (nobleman) is likely to be a person or persons born under the following animal signs. Also you will receive assistance from these people during those Luck Pillar/Year Pillar represented by those animal signs.
    • Ox
    • Sheep
    • Rabbit
    • Snake
4.2 Competitors/Opponents

You have relatively few competitors/opponents or contemporaries fighting for promotion in position, recognition, fame and power and authority in any form of organization. You are quite free to develop your career without much worry about your competitors, opponents or contemporaries fighting for position, authority or fame.

4.3 Unconventional Intelligence/Creativity/Innovative

Since you are not too materialistic you will not strive too much for it. You will not live an expensive or luxurious lifestyle even if you have the means to do so. As a down-to-earth person you will only spend money for basic necessities and comfort. You prefer a simple life even though you have the means to live a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore it is difficult for you to make a decision and take action to carry out your plans or ideas. You may not enjoy food as much as others though occasionally you might give yourself a good treat.

4.4 Intelligence/Expression/Aspiration

You are a reasonably creative and intelligent person. If you put in extra effort and properly developed this natural gift you will achieve reasonable success in any chosen career especially in the arts be it academic, research, professional, marketing, advertising or artistic areas.

4.5 Unconventional Wealth or Income

You are quite lucky in speculation and can possibly make a living out of it. If you invested timely and correctly you can become quite rich. However, you are advised to invest wisely in the stock market, property or government bonds and should have a portfolio in non-risky investments like fixed deposit and fixed income instruments. You can make a living out of these investments and can also thrive on illegal deals but are advised to stay out of these.

4.6 Direct Wealth/Main Occupation/Direct Income

You may hold a steady and comfortable job and hold a senior position any organization. You are likely to be entrusted in managing the financial affairs of any organization or handling with monies in financial institutions. Whether you are working as an entrepreneur or professional you can be successful. You can perform better as an entrepreneur or businessperson in the managing the financial affairs of any organization, which is the most important aspect in any form of businesses.

However, in order to be successful you need to encounter a reasonable long period of uninterrupted good luck pillars complimented with other sufficient aspects such as status, education and intelligence in your 4 Pillars of Destiny. The luck pillars concerned should configure at the prime time of your life because you need ample time to establish and build up a successful career or business venture. Potentially, you are capable in handling big time business. However, if you are too weak to acquire such wealth instead of acquiring them you can end up in financial problems. It is just like a poor man living in a rich man's house. Therefore, you are advised not to abuse whatever trusts assigned to you in handling the financial affairs for others. Likewise, you are tempted in embroiling in financial scandals entrusted that can put you into trouble with the authorities or become a bankrupt once the deal failed.

You have every opportunity to get married and you will not find any difficulty in getting women in your lifetime. During your courtship you might be courting more than one lady at the one time. It will be a surprise if anyone can find that you are single for the rest of your life.

You are not short of opportunities in love affairs during your lifetime even after you are married or attached. You have at least a few opportunities in your lifetime encountering several romances and may have a few suitors at one time. Therefore, it is an achievement if you can commit yourself to one woman. Thus, abstaining yourself for further commitments by exercising self-discipline. This will protect your highly valued happy marriage for the sake of preserving your family harmony.

4.7 Unconventional Authority/Fighting Spirit/Determination

You are quite a determined person with and have a strong fighting spirit. You may also hold several positions of authority in charitable or non-profit organizations. These organizations may require people like you having some talent or interest for your contribution such as martial arts, RSCPA, NGOs and other social organizations. This includes your participation in some roles in non-government, religious, charitable, trade/professional or political organizations.

4.8 Status/Power/Pressure

You are a reasonably disciplined person and quite firm in dealing with people. Thus, you are suited to a managerial or administration career or job that requires handling of people. You can become a middle management executive or junior manager or a middle-ranked civil servant in the government or a commercial organization. You are quite cautious in spending your money unless it is necessary.

4.9 Indirect Resource/Support/Education

By nature you have some interest in religion, philosophy, occult, supernatural things or spiritual teachings. You are a good planner or schemer in getting your objectives or projects done by resorting in using unconventional methods or inventing techniques in achieving your objectives. You prefer to use your extraordinary ways or unusual strategies in solving problems. Generally you are an eccentric person and always do things that a normal person will not adopt. You will not hesitate to resort to illegal means in achieving your objectives. Therefore, you are advised not to get involved in methods or unconventional ways to earn a living unless they are legal.

4.10 Main Resource/Formal Education/Discipline/Conservatism

You are academically inclined and have good opportunities to pursue tertiary education. However, this talent may not be exploited if during the earlier years you are going through a bad phase and together with the lack of parental support and encouragement you may leave school or college prematurely. You will do very well academically and may pursue your career towards research and development. You can become a high school teacher or lecturer in the academic world or become an assistant economist, researcher or town planner in the commercial world. In fact you are endowed with certain authority in your chosen profession. Even for some reasons where you are not highly educated in the field of academics, you are by nature a critical, conservative and analytical person. Anything that needs your attention or approval is critically examined and will be probed into the bottom until an opinion or decision is made.

4.11 Academic Star

You are likely to excel in your studies and are academically inclined. You do not find difficulties in understanding any subjects of your choice, thus you find it easy to study without putting extra effort than those who do not possess such academic star.


The professions or careers stated as in Sections 4.1 to 4.10 only indicate your potential talent or inclination towards these professions. However, it is possible to have a few of the abovementioned professions.

In some cases, there may be isolated conflicting writeups in Section 3.1 (Personality and Character) and Section 4.1 to 4.10. This is due to the supplementary aspects of Section 3 which may, in few cases, cause a conflicting writeup. In such cases, you should adopt the relevant paragraph(s) that are applicable to you and ignore the irrelevant portions.

5.1 Spouse

Your spouse has the tendency to dominate and you can just tolerate her domineering you. She would like to be take charge in everything and likely to decide for you in making decisions. For the sake of harmony you will let her have her way and ignore any form of argument and submit without much hassle.

Note: This is only applicable to those who are married.

5.2 Children

You have friendly children and they will bring joy and happiness into your life. They often provide a harmonious atmosphere for your family and there will not be any animosity between your spouse, children and you. You have a cordial relationship amongst your immediate family members.

Note: This is only applicable to those who have children.

5.3 Parents

You are likely to be more attached to your mother than your father. Your upbringing is mixed and you always have your mum to take care of you in your childhood. It is for some reason that your father did not spend much time with you or he may have spent too much time in building up his career. He may have thought that the job of bringing up the children should rest with your mum. However, it is better to have more motherly love compared with fatherly love.

Interpretation of the Luck Pillar and the Yearly Luck are summarised on a year to year basis, ranked in terms of Excellent, Good, Mixed, Poor and Caution. This prediction provides you with a useful guide to help you in making better decisions for the coming years.

6.1 Your Past, Present and Future Luck Pillars
Table 6-1 - Your Past, Present and Future Luck Pillars
86-90 76-80 66-70 56-60 46-50 36-40 26-30 16-20 6-10 Starting Age
LP LM LG LG LM LP LM LM LM State of the Luck Pillar
91-95 81-85 71-75 61-65 51-55 41-45 31-35 21-25 11-15 Starting Age
LE LP LP LM LM LC LC LG LE State of the Luck Pillar


LE=Excellent, LG=Good, LM=Mixed, LP=Poor, LC=Caution

Caution! The period between the age of 71 to 75 is a period of clash between the Luck Pillar and the Year Pillar, also commonly known as the 'Clash with the Grand Duke of Jupiter'. It is an inauspicious clash and you should be extra careful in decision-making and action during this period. Certain unexpected events may bring problems in areas such as health, marital, financial and children. Therefore, you are advised to persevere and take it in your stride and hope this period will pass.

6.2 Your Personalized Luck Index Chart for the next 36 months.


Your Personalized Luck Index only indicates the forecast fluctuations on the pattern of your Luck indices and subject to :

  1. The effect of the political, government policies and economic conditions of the region or country you are residing or working.
  2. The effect of globalization that affect the changes in demand of your business or profession due to other countries that produce the same goods and services as yours. For example, the Thai Baht currency crisis in 1997 snowballed into a regional crisis that affected the political and economic situation of the neighbouring countries until the intervention of the IMF and other world governing bodies.
6.3 Your Moderated Yearly Luck
Table 6-2 - Yearly Luck after moderation with the relevant Luck Pillar
2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
Poor Poor Poor Mixed Mixed
6.4 Your Personalized Luck Bar Chart

Note 1:

The Monthly Luck is taken from the Hsia Calendar, which is the Chinese Solar Calendar and is similar to the Gregorian Calendar. However, the first day of the month starts on average one week later, which usually begins on the second week of month and ends on average one week into the following month. The Monthly Luck will fluctuate from month to month and it is not consistent throughout the year, whereby certain months are better or worse than the others. Therefore the variation of the Monthly Luck should be read and interpreted in conjunction with the overall yearly luck

Table 7-1 - Best Direction, Lucky No., Colours and Gemstones
Best Direction Most Lucky Number Best Color Supplementary Color Gemstones
South 9 Red Purple
Table 7-2 - Second Best Direction, Lucky No., Colours and Gemstones
Second Best Direction Other Lucky Number Other Color Other Supplementary Color Other Gemstones
East 3 Green Blue
Dark Brown
Table 7-3 - Likely Health Problems
Internal organ Sensory organs Other parts of your body
Small Intestines or Heart Eyes Bones
Sex Organs

The information in this report on your fortune reading is based on reliable sources with extensive, analytical research and expert interpretations, which are believed to be authentic and reliable.

Comprehensive case studies have also been carried out with experts' opinions and interpretation that are incorporated into the program before the compilation of this report. However, it should not be solely depended upon to make your decisions in life as the predictions are used for reference only. No liability can be accepted for any loss arising from the use of this report on your predictions. This report is derived from the correct birth data that is presented by you.

Guidelines for using the Appendices

The remaining sections, Appendix A, B and C cover the more technical aspects and is mainly for reference purposes.

It is meant only for those with a good knowledge of this Ancient Art of fortune reading.

Appendix A, B and C are the workings represented in the form of tables and notes to form the basis for deriving the writeups, charts, tables and advice in Sections 2 to 7.

Table A-1 - Your Master Fortune Chart
Hour Pillar Day Pillar Month Pillar Year Pillar

Yin Water

Yin Water

Yin Metal

Yang Metal
Heavenly Stem

Yin Water

Yin Earth

Yin Fire

Yang Fire
Earthly Branch




Animal Sign in the Earthly Branch
Prosperity Grave Conception Repose 12 Stages of The Life Cycle1
Strong Average Weak Weak State of Life Cycle
壬 Yang Water
甲 Yang Wood
乙 Yin Wood
己 Yin Earth
丁 Yin Fire
戊 Yang Earth
丙 Yang Fire
庚 Yang Metal
丁 Yin Fire
己 Yin Earth
Hidden elements of the
Heavenly Stem in the Earthly Branch


The 12 stages of the Life Cycle indicate the strength or weakness of the self-element in relation to the year, month, day and hour of birth. The name given only denotes the relative strength and weakness and not the literal meaning.


The following adjustments were made to your birth time (May 18, 1990 11.00 PM)

  1. Daylight Savings Time : Added 1 hour
  2. Time offset from UTC : Added 7 minutes

These adjustments were made based on the following parameters :

City Born : Los Angeles, CA Longitude : 118.2479° W

Time Zone : America/Los_Angeles Reference Meridien : 120.0° W

As a result, the local mean time of May 18, 1990 10.07 PM was used in the BaZi calculations for this report.

Table A-2 - Total Number of Elements




YIN/YANG Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang
SUB-TOTAL 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 1 8 6
TOTAL NO. 2 3 3 3 3 14

B.1 Major Combinations and Clashes

Please see Table B-1 for the combinations and clashes between the elements in the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branch for the Four Pillars of destiny or Eight Characters of your Fortune Chart.

地支 Earthly Branch




Seasonal Combination

Yin Earth

Yin Fire

Yang Fire
B.2 Minor, Ineffective and Unapproved Combinations/Clashes

There are no minor, ineffective or unapproved combinations or clashes.

Please refer to Table C-1 for your Luck Pillars in periods of 5 and 10 years.

Table C-1 - Your Luck Pillars in periods of 5 and 10 years
86-90 76-80 66-70 56-60 46-50 36-40 26-30 16-20 6-10 Starting Age
From - To

Yang Metal

Yin Earth

Yang Earth

Yin Fire

Yang Fire

Yin Wood

Yang Wood

Yin Water

Yang Water
Heavenly Stem

Yang Metal

Yin Earth


Yin Fire



Yang Wood

Yin Water

Yang Water
Combination with
the H.S. of
the Fortune Chart
(Resultant Element)
91-95 81-85 71-75 61-65 51-55 41-45 31-35 21-25 11-15 Starting Age
From - To

Yang Wood

Yin Earth

Yang Water

Yin Water

Yang Earth

Yin Metal

Yang Metal

Yin Earth

Yang Fire
Earthly Branch


Yin Earth

Yang Water

Yin Water

Yang Earth

Yin Metal

Yang Metal

Yin Earth

Yang Fire
Combination with
the E.B. of
the Fortune Chart
(Resultant Element)
Spring Winter Autumn Summer Seasons