Tung Shu

Selection of Auspicious Dates

The Silver Report meets your requirement if you want to select auspicious dates for important events such as moving into a new home, contract negotiations, signing of S & P, opening ceremony and inaugurations.

An auspicious date, when matched against an individual's BaZi and counter-referenced with the Tung Shu, implies the optimal state of being, physically, psychologically and psychic-wise for an individual. In other words, an auspicious date can provide an individual the best energy level and state of mind to conduct his business. The date selected represents the day when the person is full of vitality and is most equipped at planning and executing or embarking on a journey towards an envisioned destination. Activities such as contract negotiations and signing of S&P or opening ceremonies can be executed effectively without unnecessary hiccups, problems or subsequent troubles. This gives him a good start and the necessary impetus to push for gains and the ultimate victory.

Best Elements and the Tung Shu Almanac

Fundamentally, the date chosen should not clash with the person's year of birth and/or the month concerned. The hour recommended should not clash with the intended date. By establishing a person's favourite elements, it must also avoid choosing a day listed by the Almanac or Tung Shu as an inauspicious day, thus covering all possibilities of selecting a wrong date. While the Tung Shu does not recommend the best date to carry out a certain activity, it provides the day represented by an element, flying star, auspicious directions and days of conflict for each individual. It is therefore wise to use the BaZi to identify the best element for a person and then referring to the Tung Shu to choose an auspicious date.

Limitations of Feng Shui

Another method of choosing auspicious dates using Feng Shui is very popular currently. However, its practice of choosing auspicious dates based on the kua of a person is not a recommended approach as it is too simplistic.

Best hybrid approach unifying BaZi readings with the Tung Shu Almanac

Therefore, the hybrid approach of unifying the Tung Shu prescriptions and validated by BaZi readings enables us to have the best of both world in terms of choosing auspicious dates. Authentic Destiny applies this principle in the selection of auspicious dates for fortune seekers. The popularity and positive feedbacks received are testimonies to the usefulness and validity of this approach setup by Master Richard Tan.

Why Choose our Silver Report?

Seeking the services of a Feng Shui or BaZi master to select auspicious dates can be costly. Normally a master gives only a few dates for the occasion sought. In most cases an important event needs a longer time to plan and organize and the few dates given may be insufficient. Our Report consists of various recommended dates for a 9 months period thus catering for any eventualities and can be used for other events or occasions taking place within the 9 months period.

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