After the success of our earlier launches of the online BaZi services, Master Richard Tan decided to launch an online I Ching Divination Report to compliment and broaden the scope of our services. Adopting from our popular online BaZi – Premium Report he used it as a model to develop the I Ching Divination Report. He reckons that the authenticity of the I Ching texts is essential and vital to the users; as they may use it as guideline for making major and important decisions. The I Ching Oracles can be used as a medium for divination to provide holistic guidance in times of predicament, doubt, confusion and crisis.

Over the years of intensive and extensive studies and researches on this sacred book, he developed the I Ching Divination Reports for the benefits of the user. His insight knowledge of the historical background of King Wen, Duke of Zhou and Confucius when it was written has assisted him to interpret the 64 Hexagrams in the context of today’s situation. For many years he studied the 64 Hexagrams intensively from sources written by eminent I Ching scholars who interpreted the original texts. As promulgated by these scholars on the essence and concept of the Tao of I, he delved into it to obtain an insight of the essence and concept of the Book of Changes before making his interpretations.

Since the I Ching we used today is the Zhou I of the Zhou dynasty, it is necessary to know the historical events, context and the underlying situation when it was written. So, we must understand and have insight knowledge of their political situation and social system in order to interpret it into today’s context. Utilizing his understanding and insight knowledge of the subject and his researches on various authentic sources, he has diligently interpreted the 64 Hexagrams. The interpretations of the texts are broadly categorized into 3 main aspects relevant to a prospective diviner or enquirer based on the original texts of the Book of Changes.

His interpretations are based on his extensive research and understanding of the historical facts of ancient China, when it was written by the ancient sages based on their observations of astronomical phenomena in the sky, topographical features on earth and the relationships of human beings. The critical examination and contemplation of the sequence of each Hexagram has provided him a perspective view on each specific situation before interpreting them into the relevant aspect of today’s context. The situation, essence, concept and principles when the I Ching texts were written some 3,000 years ago and that of the Book of Changes remain the same.