BaZi helps us make informed decisions in life.

Bazi is a Chinese Metaphysics that has been used for more than a thousand years to reveal important aspects of a person's life such as personality and character, romance and compatibilities, suitable professions, wealth, status and power, luck cycles and much more. Today it is all the more relevant as modern-day living requires us to make many important decisions throughout our lives. A detailed Bazi reading is like a roadmap of your life and therein you have an invaluable guide to form enlightened judgements.

Adestiny has been providing instant online BaZi readings since 2004. The unique programs were developed through the dedication of the late Master Richard Tan over a period of 3 years and has enabled thousands across the world to have easy and immediate access to various types of personalized BaZi reports. Every effort was made to ensure that the reports provided were not only comprehensive but also accurate and authentic. You can benefit by gaining new insights into your life by understanding your destiny.

Ancient Chinese Metaphysics

Our Selection of BaZi Reports

We offer four types of BaZi reports to match your needs. In a nutshell they are

Premium Report
Detailed BaZi analysis providing a comprehensive insight into important aspects of your life.
Platinum Report
Reveals your daily luck for next 365 days. Indicates good times for romance, financial matters.
Gold Report
Know your lucky dates for gambling, betting, speculative and investment activities.
Silver Report
List of auspicious dates for important events or occasions

Premium Report

This is our most popular report, providing a comprehensive insight into important aspects of your life such as personality, love, career, relationships with loved ones and feng shui, amongst others. Its scope, quality and accuracy has been proven over the years.

The contents are written in a language that is easy for a reader to comprehend. Also practical advice are presented in the context of today's situation.

Platinum Report

Platinum Report provides you a 365-day daily luck report list indicating your good times pertaining to matters such as romance and financial luck for better planning and judgment/decision making and choices.

The report is delivered in the form of a pdf file. It also describes your personality, romance, profession and personalized feng shui.

Gold Report

The Gold Report provides a list of lucky dates for you to optimize your luck for gambling, betting, speculative and investment activities. It categorizes the lucky dates into 3 main types for these activities to suit the level of luck required to increase the chances of winning.

The BaZi view is that luck does not come randomly as most people perceive. It actually comes in a fairly fixed and predictable pattern that can be ascertained according to one's personalized BaZi.

Our system uses the principles of the 5 basic elements to predict a person's favorite elements. His lucky days and auspicious hours are represented by his favorite elements and during those days and moments, he will have the best form to conduct his punting, betting and gambling activities smoothly, with confidence, vigor, enthusiasm and alertness and he is likely to encounter good luck compared with normal days.

Silver Report

The Silver Report is great for those who need to select auspicious dates for important events or occasions, such as moving into a new home, contract negotiations, signing of S & P agreements, opening ceremonies, inaugurations and many others.

A list of auspicious dates is provided for a 9 months period so that you will have adequate choices at your disposal. The auspicious dates are derived by identifying your favorite elements and cross-referenced to the Tung Shu Almanac. This hybrid approach of unifying the Tung Shu prescriptions and validated by BaZi will provide you the best of both worlds in terms of choosing auspicious dates.

A listing is also provided for the sitting and facing direction of the principal and/or the main entrance/door of the venue that clashes with the recommended dates (listed by the Tung Shu). If one's property, home, office, premises or venue where the ceremony or event is to be held is facing this inauspicious direction, it is advisable to select another recommended date for the event.

What some of our clients have to say ...

I Ching Divination

Besides the BaZi reports, we also provide an I Ching Divination Report that can help to resolve problems and predicaments.

I Ching Report

Using any 3-coins, we can assist you to tap the Power resident in your Subconscious Mind to resolve your predicaments and current problems. Our report will reveal & utilize your Mind Power to provide & interpret an appropriate answer, advice and solution.

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, also commonly known as Book of Oracles or Book of Wisdom, is a very ancient book that has been in existence for about 5,000 years. At Authentic Destiny, we want to make I Ching Consultation available online in the most convenient, economical and fastest manner.