About our Premium Report

What does it provide you?

Our popular Premium Report provides a comprehensive insight into many important aspects of your life such as personality, love and romance, career, relationships with love ones, feng shui advice amongst others. It has been downloaded by thousands since its launch in 2004. You will be impressed by its scope, quality and accuracy.

Development of our Premium Report using the 4 Pillars of Destiny.


The Premium Report has been compiled to its present form through extensive research, analytical and critical analyses, thorough case studies and concurrences with several experts' opinion. Thousands of expert man-hours have been spent in compiling, testing this research with all known cases and feedbacks obtained to ascertain its accuracy. A great deal of time and effort was spent on system design, editing, testing, compilation and presentation of the report in a form that is easy to comprehend. This involved a team of experienced system analysts, programmers, web designer and editors to create the first ever detailed and comprehensive BaZi report that is available online.

By incorporating contemporary knowledge and technology into the report, Authentic Destiny offers you a practical and authentic personalized reading on your destiny to meet your requirement :

  1. Firstly we wrote the contents in a language that is easy to comprehend. In contrast, the traditional form of BaZi consultancy is normally given in a piece of paper scribbled with some notes on your fortune, usually given in the form of beautiful Chinese poems with technical jargon, which can only be understood by Chinese scholars.This is far beyond the comprehension of most seeking for advice, rendering it useless and at times misinterpreted. Secondly, we have included practical advice that are presented in the context of today's situation.
  2. Comparing and contrasting case studies based on expert opinion and judgment with our computerized personalized Fortune Telling to ensure that the principles are adhered to without much deviations. The case studies are designed to cover all human aspects and to ensure they should not deviate too much from this traditional Chinese Ancient Art of Fortune Telling.
  3. By knowing the hidden talent of their children, parents can better nurture and guide them to pursue courses or careers that they can excel in. The is especially pertinent due to today's fast changing pace of the environment which has changed the fabric of our society, particularly those of the younger generation and the fast changing trends in the demand for professions and businesses.