For thousands of years, the Chinese people have been planning and living their lives with constant reference to their BaZi. This includes all personal, family and societal events and celebrations of festivals.

For fortune-telling and understanding one's Fate and Life's journey, there's no other more practical and accessible knowledge compared to this ancient knowledge of fortune-telling of the Chinese.

In BaZi, one's future is foretold by referring to the Hsia calendar. The Hsia Calendar contains the insights on the ruling elements for a person, with relation to the year, month, day and hour.

The ruling elements can be used to predict one's future. To unravel the significance of these intertwined elements, one must have a deep understanding of the significance of these elements and their interrelationship.

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The possibilities of two persons having the identical BaZi are 1 in 12.96 million. It will also take 240 years for the next cycle to produce another case of identical BaZi.

From this, you can see the level of detailed calculations, differentiation and therefore the accuracy in using this method to unravel one's destiny.

Comparing BaZi to fortune-telling using the 12 Chinese animal signs or the 12 zodiac signs of Western astrology, you will agree that BaZi compares positively.

The luck pillar is simply a roadmap to our life. By understanding the state of one's luck pillar, one will know the direction one is heading in the future.

Metaphorically, a BaZi reading gives you the roadmap, revealing the road conditions in your journey from cradle to grave. The situations and conditions of your life will likely fluctuate along the journey. Some stretches will be smooth whilst others are bumpy. The weather is good one day and cloudy on another.

It would therefore be beneficial for one to know the conditions in advance so that one can plan the journey well. If it is going to rain, one can always get an umbrella handy. If the sun is shining, it's time to get things done and have fun along the way.