Now, we shall let you know how to direct your subconscious mind by revealing the infinite intelligence residing in it. Whatever our conscious mind thinks, sees, believes, feels is all sent to our subconscious mind – which is the real infinite power and stores our wisdom. Actually our subconscious mind provides the intelligent, rational and wise answers based on the messages that began in our mind. The multimillion dollar question is that, how can we utilize it to our benefits, particularly to resolve problems, clear our doubts, confusions, predicaments or to face a crisis. It can be applied to your daily lives to improve your love life, career, financial position and achieve your goals. There are many modern methods used by professional practitioners who teach us how to use the power of one’s mind and subconscious mind to improve our lives.

Master Richard Tan has used one of the most well known and proven systems practiced by the Chinese communities worldwide, that is the I Ching Oracles over the last 5,000 years. Its simple and pragmatic application, accuracy and continuous existence over such a long period, is a testimony of its usefulness and reliability. Its ability to fashion to the needs of the users and its applications enabled it to survive till the present day. The I Ching Oracles is considered as the most common system used and a revered book connoted with ancient wisdom that can also be used as a guide to resolve our problems, predicaments or crisis. Its pragmatic applications is unquestionable, otherwise it would have disappeared long ago.

Power of the Conscious and Subconscious Mind.

Author Napoleon Hill who revealed the “Power of the Mind” states “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”. This famous quote sent a powerful message of the power of our subconscious mind. Our mind power, especially the subconscious mind where Infinite Intelligence, Boundless Wisdom reside can create wonderful things and resolve our problems or predicaments. But most of us are unaware and don’t know how to use it. Don’t worry!! We’ll assist you just by using 3-coins.

Empirical evidences conducted by scientists implied that we only use 5% of our mind power and the remaining 95% of our mind potentials is not utilized. This 95% actually indicates that we do not tap our subconscious mind to benefit us. In fact, we only use the meager 5% to harness our income or potentials. Consider the magnificent result that can be obtained once we are able to harness the incredible remaining 95% of our mind power. Once we can tap our subconscious mind it will definitely improve our lives by leaps and bounds and the results can be very astonishing. In fact the I Ching Oracles is used to reveal the interaction of our conscious and subconscious mind and to provide us with appropriate answers to our questions.

Using the 3-Coins Method to Unleash our Subconscious Mind Power

The late eminent psychiatrist, Professor Carl Jung defines the concepts of synchronicity which is also propounded by the I Ching Oracles. During divination one may ask a question and he will receive a hexagram that symbolically reveals the present state of his consciousness and also explains the contents of his subconscious mind. Since our Infinite Intelligence and Boundless Wisdom reside in the subconscious mind, we should tap, harness and unleash it for our benefits. Just imagine what we can achieve once we exploit the incredible potentials of our subconscious mind that represents 95% of our mind power. It is advisable to consult the I ching Oracles as often as possible in order to harness our Infinite Intelligence, boundless wisdom and provide us appropriate answers and advices for our consumption.

Have you ever wondered why some people live a successful life whilst others fail? You should try out this proven method using the I Ching Oracles. Its usefulness and practical application has benefited the lives of millions of people since time immemorial. The simple 3-Coins method is very easy to use to get an appropriate answer. It is also connoted with wise advice and presented symbolically in the form of a hexagram to assist you to solve your current problem or predicament. This method actually helps you tap the power of your subconscious mind and you will get astonishing results and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

For details on how our I Ching Divination Report interpret your Subconscious Mind Power, please click on: Overview of I Ching Oracle to tap our sub-consciousness.