With the Lunar New Year looming on the horizon, it is especially relevant that we take a look at how the 12 animal signs will fare in the coming year. These generalized predictions are based on one’s year of birth in relation to the ruling animal sign of the Chinese Lunar Year. Here, BaZi expert, Master Richard Tan, gives a brief insight on how people born under the different animal signs will fare in the upcoming Year of the Metal Tiger.

Rat - This is a fairly good year but you are advised to avoid getting involved in any form of speculation. In domestic, business or workplace there is a possibility of some major misunderstandings and/or you may need to take some drastic actions against your will. There will be a lot of travelling this year than usual. This year you could feel some loneliness or sadness due to some undesirable happenings of the extended family, close friends or associates.

Ox - Though is a challenging year you can easily overcome any forms of obstacles or impediments due to your perseverance and hardworking nature. You should not be discouraged or disappointed and expect immediate results as it will only bears fruits later. It is advisable to reassess or revise your plans and position to accommodate and respond appropriately to the changes. Otherwise you’ll get into trouble. To avoid getting into financial impasses you should not undertake unnecessary risk or make impetuous decision and action.

Tiger - Generally it is a moderate year for the tiger native. During this year you may be lucky as others may come to your help if needed. However, it is advisable for you to avoid taking any risky ventures as things may not turn out as well as it ought to be. This is a year where you may incur extra expenditures or cannot save your money as unexpected events may force you to spend more. However, health wise is generally good and you will not suffer any major illness.

Rabbit - This is a year when you need to exercise caution and extra vigilant and diplomacy as there is a tendency of being drawn into controversies or conflicts. If you are not careful it will results in disputes and end up as lawsuits as there is a possibility of some unreasonable demands made by others. So, it is imperative that you should be very careful and seek legal advices before signing any important and legal documents. By heeding this piece of good advice there will be a silver lining in the cloud and you may make some gains at the later part of the year.

Dragon - This is a trying and taxing year for the Dragon native. As a Doer your plans or aspirations are obstructed and it is very difficult for you to achieve the desired results. Somehow, there will be a lot of disagreements, contrasting opinions, opposing views or bitter arguments between the members of the team or group leading to the poor results. You have a hard time and waste a lot of time trying to resolve the impasse and a lot of compromises had to be made. On the domestic front there might be some bad news that affects you.

Snake - This is a year where the Snake native may experience many disturbances and irritations. If not careful, you could be easily drawn into controversies or conflicts not of your own doings. On domestic front or workplace you have a hard time trying to please everyone or avoid been criticized. To avoid sinking deeper into more disputes or blames, you should remain compose, take things at your own stride, forget about revenge or blaming others for what has happened. Instead you should seek help to resolve the problems before they snowball into major issues.

Horse - The horse native will experience a moderate happy and trouble-free year of the Tiger. You will not face any serious health problems during the year. However, you may incur extra unexpected expenditures due to more engagements in entertaining others. You may make some progress in personal developments both academically or professionally. Unless you can keep your cool when offended, there is a possibility of getting embroiled in some disputes affecting your friendships or association. You need to keep a tight reign on your temper.

Ram - This is a mixed year for the Ram native. On social fronts, unless you maintain your decorum others will find you obtrusive In order to retain your present position in your workplace you should strive hard to keep up with any opposition. There will be peace among the immediate family but there might be some trouble from relatives or extended family members. This is a busy year where work is concerned and there will be beneficial contacts to expand your networking.

Monkey - This is an erratic year for the Monkey native. You are very vulnerable to all forms of attacks from all fronts and this is a hallowing time for you. You need to be steadfast, patient, lie low, bite the bullet, respond appropriately and do what is necessary. You should not react negatively to aggravate the situation. Others may try to take advantage of your weak position and friends can become adversaries overnight. You need to persevere and take things at your own stride. It is a year to consolidate your position and preserve your resources and not undertake new ventures.

Rooster - This is an eventful and auspicious year for the Rooster native. Business and financial luck is on your side and whatever you do will produce positive results. However, there may be some hiccups and worries at home but you will achieve a lot as your plan and schedule is smooth going. Despite being a smooth sailing year you must respond quickly as things are happening fast and you do not have the liberty to make proper assessment or critically examine everything in detail. Similarly, you should not be overoptimistic as things or events may change and there is a need to provide allowances for any unexpected changes.

Dog - A moderate year for the Dog native. There will be no serious disputes or misunderstandings at your workplace or at home. Some squabbles and arguments are expected but it will not cause any serious damage to the relationships especially with loved ones. You will be confused by contrasting reports or inaccurate news and this makes it difficult for you to make up your mind or make correct judgment and decision. You may have to yield to make some concessions on the numerous demands made by others especially your love ones.

Pig - It is a good year for those born in the year of the Pig. During the year you have good opportunities of getting better job offers or start a new business venture. You may be rewarded handsomely for any financial risks undertaken. Any problems or troubles arising during the year can be contained and settled. However, there may be some complications and misunderstandings over love affairs and family matters.

The predictions provided here are rather simplistic. It can be reasonably accurate but should not be used as a guide or taken seriously when making important decisions. For more personalized and accurate predictions for the coming new year, one needs to analyze one’s date, time and place of birth in accordance with BaZi which can be used to make more accurate, personalized predictions.

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