This special project was initiated and developed by Richard Tan, a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (United Kingdom) and a Chartered Accountant of Malaysia.

Since his early days, Richard has had a keen interest in astrology, being exposed to fortune telling, a common practice amongst the ethnic Chinese community. After many years of working experience in the accountancy profession, industrial, property development, commercial and stock broking industry he decided to start as a practitioner in destiny reading, a consultancy role which he undertook in the last couple of years.

Over the years he has acquired more knowledge on astrology particularly during his 8 years stay in London in the 80's. London being the educational hub of the world, books in esoteric science that is hardly available here can easily be obtained there. Taking advantage of its easy accessibility, Richard did extensive research on the topic covering subjects in disciplines concerning fortune telling such as palmistry, Tze Wei (Purple Star), western astrology, I Ching , Feng Shui, facial reading and the Chinese ancient art of fortune telling using the 4 Pillars of Destiny or BaZi.

Hence with the acquisition of such knowledge in occult science and the experimentation of reading for his friends and acquaintance he has gained more insight into this subject. He spent a lot of time and money to have his fortune read by those eminent fortune-tellers. As he compared the readings of his and the experts, he found no major deviations in the results. Therefore based on his years of personal experience and those of his close friends Bazi predictions is the best method used for fortune telling. BaZi can be regarded as a science of some kind as its laws and principles were promulgated, compiled and used on the basis of more than one thousand years of quantitative data.

Since returning to Malaysia in the early 90's he continued to pursue these subjects enthusiastically with vigor and passion. He has consulted well-known fortune-tellers, making research on other methods and reading any books related to this subject to improve his fortune telling skill. On conclusion he found out of all the other methods used, BaZi is considered the best, not only of its accuracy but also the flexibility and practicality of its application in all aspects and the precise timing of its prediction.

However, not satisfied with what he has learned he attended most talks, courses and seminars conducted by famous masters in feng shui and BaZi. He spent most of his free time conducting free reading for his friends and relatives until he was convinced of his ability to read other people's fortune well. With positive feedbacks and encouragements from friends and acquaintances he decided to practice as a fortune-teller a few years ago. Since 2000 he has spent full time conducting research and analyzing peoples' destinies.

Using those researches, he undertook the pioneering task of developing a software that fully automates the generation of BaZi readings.The end result is that a full reading which would take about a week to complete manually is now instantly available online. A lot of time and money was spent on this project involving other professionals such as editor, programmer and web designer. In addition to his good knowledge and sufficient practical skills on the subject matter he also used his personal convictions, experiences and exposures to the modern day environment to develop this program. These invaluable knowledge, conviction and practical experiences had placed him in a unique position to disclose it for the benefit of others. The program was diligently written, critically reviewed and tested, carefully planned, designed and developed in a manner that makes it practical, cheap, relevant and easy to comprehend.